Sunday, December 09, 2012


Day 9 - Frankincense 

Caspar brought the gift of Frankincense.

Hebrew for Incense is "to cause to smoke."  According to the Old Testament, there were two types of incense.  One was entirely frankincense, and the other was frankincense compounded with equal measures of various aromatic spices. (Exodus 30:34-35)

History tells that some of the finest Frankincense at the time came from India. It was a very expensive dried tree resin that, when lit, created a sweet fragrance.  Frankincense would have been burned at a funeral procession for a king.

The Old Testament high priests burned frankincense on their altars during temple rituals and ceremonies.  The aroma was thought to clear and heal the mind for worship.  Did the Magi Caspar bring Frankincense as a symbol of Christ's future priestly ministry?

Some churches today still burn incense during their services as a visible means of watching human prayer rise up to heaven. Incense is placed into a thurible, or censer, and ignited.  The thurible is on chains so it can be swung by the priest when he censes things or people.

Caspar offers Frankincense.