Monday, December 10, 2012


Day 10 - Balthasar, one of the Magi
Over the centuries, the story of the Magi has grown and been embellished from just a few lines in Matthew 2:1-16.  One legend tells us that Balthasar was an Arabian scholar. I'll go with that version.

Was there a language barrier between the three wise men and Joseph and Mary?  Were they able to talk to each other?  If there was a language barrier, I wonder what Joseph and Mary thought when they saw the Magi approaching on their camels.  Were they afraid?  How did the wise men explain who they were and why they were there? 

The scene is growing momentum, with the rich and the poor and lowly standing close to one another.  Do the kings talk to the shepherds?  What would the kings and shepherds have in common to talk about, other than the bright star in the sky?     

Part of setting up a nativity in our homes is giving thought to the story, taking time to personalize it and bring it to life.  My eyes see Balthasar as the handsome one of the three....quite charming, actually, who most likely lived in a royal palace. 

I'll place Balthasar beside Caspar.