Saturday, December 08, 2012


Day 8 - Caspar, one of the Magi

One legend tells that Caspar (or Gaspar) traveled from India to Bethlehem, Israel, a journey of roughly 2,500 miles.  Looking at a map of bible times puts the journey in perspective.

In Hebrew, Bethlehem means House of Bread.  It probably got its name because of the area's fertile soil.  I picture lush vineyards and groves of olive, date palm, fig and pomegranate trees.  When I think of dried dates, I first think of the treats my Mom made for us kids every Christmas. She cut the date open lengthwise, filled it with marshmallow cream (store-bought in a jar), and topped it with a hickory nut meat that we picked in the woods and cracked for Mom's baking.  This time of year, eating foods from that far-away region is a neat way to bring us closer to our nativities.

What a stunning sight.....three wealthy and influential men bowing down before a baby laying on a bed of straw in a rickety and smelly stable.  I would've loved to been a mouse in the corner watching this take place.

Caspar stands next to Melchior.