Monday, October 29, 2012

Scrap Metal Sculpture

Our adventures are fulfilled when we discover things like this Bull Moose up by Minnesota's Chippewa National Forest.  It's a regal piece, created out of scrap metal.  The person who envisions an art gallery in a junk yard has insight to be envied.

In 1942, Spanish artist Pablo Picasso fabricated the "Bull's Head" out of a bicycle saddle and handlebars.  This was during World War II and reflects the human imagination when challenged by frugal times.

In an interview with Picasso, reprinted in Picasso on Art, A Section of Views, he tells how he got the idea....

"I noticed in a corner the seat and handlebars of a bicycle, placed in such a way that they resembled a bull's head.  I assembled these two objects in a certain way.  Finally, I made this handlebar and seat a bull's head that everyone recognized as a bull's head.  The metamorphosis was accomplished and I wish another metamorphosis would occur in the reverse sense.  If my bull's head were thrown in a junk heap, perhaps one day some boy would say: 'Here's something which would make a good handlebar for my bicycle.  Thus, a double metamorphosis would have been accomplished.'"