Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Badly Bruises America's Eastern States.....Let Us Pray

Great Spirit, this day millions of people have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and other natural wind forces.  We ask that you spread a loving blanket of care and compassion over them and their extended families who worry about their well-being.

We know there is order and Divine goodness in everything that is placed upon us.  May each one touched by this destructive storm, either directly or indirectly, be changed for the good.  And, may each one eventually recognize the blessed gift they receive from this life-altering experience.  Mighty forces for good come together in mysterious ways, inspiring people and making miracles happen.

Please bless the rescue workers, the caregivers, and all who put themselves in harm's way to keep peace and order.  May each of them be blessed with the strength and goodness to pour out on those who need their help.

Please uphold America and all Her citizens.