Monday, July 02, 2012

A Poem From My Past

Late last night I was going through my journals and found this free-style poem that I wrote in 2001, following a tragedy in my family.......


Days evaporate into invisibility--
Yet, our memory keeps their events alive.
They reappear over and over,
Again and again.

When we allow ourselves to dwell
on a particular yesterday,
We don't actually live our

Try, try, to go onward,
Wait hopefully for the next gift to arrive.
For, each day holds a positive element
That may be wearing a clever disguise.

Think only upon the contented
And undisturbed times
That bring sun beams to our hearts
And serenity to our souls.

Take time to pick the sweet and humble wildflower,
Place it in a crystal vase.
Nothing more pleasing than nature
In our very own private space.

Sip the tea of today, 
Tipping the cup slowly,
Tiny swallows if need be.
For the Creator has perfectly apportioned
Its flavor to sustain you and me.

Do any of us leave this Earth without knowing
The pain of a broken heart?
I think not.
Cry, create, and console.

The answers to our questions, I believe,
Are around us in obvious view.
Seasons switch places,
Assuring us that changes will surely take place.

Nature hugs us with warm sunshine,
Cools us with soft rain,
Nature fires Her engine
And can change the finest human plan.

Nature, the Lady of Power.
She thunders, she roars, she pours.
Yet, she shines.

I dream of a place that will give my heart
Perfect contentment.
Therein lies my vision of Heaven.

Life is the inhale.
Eternity the exhale.
One breath, only one.
Dwell on its splendors.
Dwell on its goodness.
Dwell on its passions.

One lifetime brings to each of us
A private world of enccounters.
They develop in ways only a
Supreme Artist could ordain.

Mirrors live between us.  Reflections.
All so different.  All so the same.
Part of the wonderment of....

Do you sometimes feel a Hand guiding you?
A voice out of the blue whispering a notion or inspiration?
Do you feel a sudden interruption?  An intuition?
An eerie sense of warning?

Try as I may, I cannot discount these spiritual sensations.
A magnificent Force is generating my destiny.
I feel it.
It's as invisible as yesterday.

I'm trusting in The Life Force.
The amazing Order of the Universe.
I crave to be embraced, lifted and carried
By It to my end.....and,
Beyond my end to a new beginning.

Accepting what comes our way,
No matter how it hurts,
We have got to trust that the Great Force
Is silently structuring our
Castle in Time.
Built of strength and daring.
Towers and pillars of stone.
Fashioned  to fit around
The niche where we exist.

by Nature Weaver


Love Me for the Way I Am