Tuesday, July 03, 2012

We Pray

Our county is one of ten under an excessive heat warning today.  Our vehicle will remain parked in the garage.  We don't need to add more heat and emissions to an already stifling atmosphere.

Some places are wisely banning fireworks this 4th of July.  Fear is that the sparks might ignite destructive wildfires.  Our niece's family lives minutes away from the raging fires in Colorado, and they opened their home to evacuees this last weekend rather than come home for the family reunion.  How admirable is that.

Millions across the nation are suffering from the heat, the wildfires, and results of catastrophic storms.  Millions are struggling to get by without electricity.

Great Spirit,
 we ask that You bring out the best
 in the victims of Nature's harsh elements.
Bless them with stamina and compassion. 
Comfort them when the stress is more than they can bear. 
Give them friends who will share their tears
 and console their heartaches. 


Chipmunk Buffet