Sunday, July 01, 2012

Big Family Picnic

The Great Spirit blessed the G-clan with a beautiful day for the reunion at our home yesterday.  A sizzling sun kept us reaching into our coolers for one cold drink after another.  We stuffed ourselves on a good old-fashioned picnic dinner, then sat in the shade visiting and going through family postcards sent as far back as the early 1900s when postage was a penny.

When younger generations make the effort to arrange air fare, rent vehicles, and car pool to come home for an extended family get-together, that speaks of strong family ties.  To me, that's to be highly regarded, because other than a handful of my immediate family, I don't have that.  But, as we learn in life, all voids are miraculously filled.

We had five generations here.  The youngest was 6 weeks old and came all the way from Alabama.  I sat down on the grass beside the baby girl on the blanket, and I touched her toes.  Baby toes are so sweet.  A pink pacifier kept her happy as we looked down at her like she was the second Messiah.  Just as sweet as she, is her great great gramma.  Both of them wore pink, and I think the two of them planned it that way.

I have to confess to being a  sentimental sally and probably hugged everyone to the point of being a mosquito.  Blame my daddy's side of the family for that.  His Uncle Albert hugged and kissed us kids like he was a kissing machine.  As a little girl, I must have thought that was neat, cuz now I find myself doing the same thing.

It was way cool watching vehicles from far-away states pull up in front of the house with arms waving out the windows.  As heart-warming as it was to see the cars park up and down our small-town street, it was that sad to see them, one by one, drive away.  One cousin left honking her horn till she was clear out of town.

When my head hit the pillow last night, I was seeing the little kids throwing water balloons at each other and screaming when they got smacked.  What a way to fall asleep.


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