Saturday, June 30, 2012

Needlecraft Magazines from 1920s

We uncovered treasures when we cleaned our attic.  One was a grouping of Needlecraft Magazines from the 1920s, tied together with a string.  Fragile the pages, but I carefully turn them and try to envision the lady who turned them first.

The July, 1920, issue of Needlecraft, advertises the Zu Zu Ginger Snap Cookies, made by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco).  "With a ready supply in your pantry, you are prepared at all times for any occasion of serving--whether it be a child's breakfast, a formal dinner, or an afternoon tea."

The May, 1921, issue, advertises Pepsodent, the new-day dentrifrice.  "Send the coupon for a 10-day Tube and see how teeth whiten."

That same issue advertises Sani-Flush.  "Sprinkle a little into the bowl, according to the directions on the can, and flush.  It's white magic."

A full-page ad for Fairy Soap, "Use it every way every day."  Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbanks, born in Sodus, New York County in 1829, and later moved to Chicago after the Civil War, started a business of importing cottonseed oil and manufacturing soaps, one of which was Fairy Soap, named after the first four letters of his last name, Fairbanks.  It was a white soap that floated, a competitor to Ivory Soap, the original floating soap on the market since 1878.

That was way back in the 1920s, but look at us, we're still buying Nabisco cookies, brushing our teeth with Pepsodent, sanitizing with Sani-Flush, and using floating soap.

Nice attic discovery.


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