Tuesday, June 12, 2012

River Picnic and Drive on the Back Roads

Both of us caved in to our cravings for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We threw away our calorie concern and fat fuss, found a picnic table along the river, and dined like a lord and lady.  We licked our fingers and let the cool breezes blow out all our candles of care.  This river scape divinely illustrates how Our Great Spirit spoke to us during our evening meal.

Back roads, the winding ones with less traffic, is where we find sights to awwwwww about, and last evening was no different.

This Amish family had little kids tucked by their feet in the front, the mother was holding a baby, and two more little ones were in the back of their wagon.  As we passed them with our vehicle, they all smiled and waved. The best part was seeing the children with their heads up looking at nature rather than their heads down lost to a text message or a game.  The old-fashioned in me thinks children need to  be learning about the world around them, the same as we adults.

Today our weather has cooled down quite a bit, there's a healthy breeze, and I'm weary from yesterday's jaunt.  Our calendar is open for the next 24 hours, and I'm declaring it a hobby day.  If I find enough gumption to get out of my jammies, I'll get dressed and cozy in with a new kumihimo (koo-me-he-mo) project.  Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese braiding art, and I'm teaching myself how to do it.  So far I've made three ankle bracelets weaving 17 strings, and I'm to the point where I'm thinking about adding beads.  Can't say for sure that I'm ready for that yet.  Maybe I'll stick with the basics yet for a while.

Ta-ta for today.