Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Falling Apart Together

The call of an owl came through our bedroom window this morning...that elusive creature with its  haunting call.  To bird lovers like us, that's a truly fine start to the day.

With coffee perked and morning paper retrieved from the mailbox, we're settled in for our morning routines. Dental appointments stare us in the face, but what's a person to do except go ahead and suffer through them.  Seems more and more there's that sort of thing in life.

The human body must have a time clock built in that we can't see.  Otherwise, how would it know when to start falling apart.  When I turned 40, bifocals came into my life, and others have said the same was true for them.  The sixties are sounding their own alarms, and body repair heads our to-do lists.

When we get together with friends our age, there's lots of joking about aches and pains and remedies tried.  It's amazing how we try to help one another if something has worked for us.  On the whole, people walk through life all fancied up, while successfully hiding bodily ailments.  It's an ongoing struggle. Here's an abbreviated list of what we, over sixty. have to deal with......

a - arthritis pain
b - backache
c - cataracts and cholesterol count
d - deafness
e - exercise, lack thereof
f - fear of the future
g - graying hair
h -heart health
i - implants
j - joint replacement
k - knees and knuckles, involuntary cracking
l - legs, restless
m - memory, hit and miss
n - nails, harder to manicure
o - overweight
p - prescriptions
q - quicker to complain
r - rectal drama
s - skin spots and sleep disturbances
t - tooth extractions
u - unwanted hairs
v - vitality gone
w - wary of everyone
x - x-hausted from life
y - y me?
z - zero tolerance for pretty much everything and everyone.

"A man's age is something impressive,
it sums up his life:
maturity reached slowly and against many obstacles,
illnesses cured,
griefs and despairs overcome,
and unconscious risks taken;
maturity formed through so many
desires, hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves.
A man's age represents a fine cargo of
experiences and memories."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery