Monday, June 11, 2012

Looks Like Rain

Thunderstorm racket brought us a a bit of much-needed rain during the night.  About a quarter of an inch.  Some lawns are turning brown, some are being watered.  It's far too early in the season to see this.

We've already had muggy days.  It's that business of take a shower, put on freshly washed clothes, walk back outside, and start dripping with sweat again.  We carp in the summer heat, then we carp in the winter cold.  Guess we're never satisfied.  It's a lot easier, though, to put extra clothes on to stay warm than it is to remove clothes to stay cool.  Having a charge of Indecent Exposure is something none of us needs on our court record.

Imagine how many conversations there are in one day about 'the weather.'  Isn't the current weather what we talk about when there's nothing else to say?  Every person has their opinion about the weather, and sometimes those opinions clash.  The bride prays that it doesn't rain on Saturday, and the farmer prays that it does.  The Great Spirit must have quite a time deciding which prayers to answer and which ones to deny.

Our area has been incredibly fortunate not to have had destructive storms hit.  How long can our luck last.  Guess when things are going good, a person can't help but wonder when things will go kaflooey.  I find myself wondering that about a lot of things these days.

"Oh, what a blamed uncertain thing this pesky weather is;
It blew and snew and then it thew,
And now, by jing, it's friz!"
~Philander Johnson