Saturday, May 26, 2012

Proud to Be an American Where I Know that I am Free

Our Fallen Soldiers Above assembled during the night for their annual fireworks display.  Quite a show they put on, with thunder and lightning that about shook the house.

Memorial Day is for remembering those who willingly stopped living so the rest of us can be free.  Celebrating our freedoms is something we need to be more diligent about.  We forget how fortunate we are to be Americans.

Memorial Weekend, for as long as I can remember, has been rainy.  Are they raindrops? or teardrops?  Is it thunder? or Heaven's percussion section?

We sit here this morning, just the 3 of us, safe and sound in our home.  My God, that in itself is a freedom the soldiers wanted for us.  We are free to get in the car and go wherever we want, buy whatever we want, eat where we want and what we want, stop in any church we want, visit anyone we want, sing if we want, cry if we want, go shopping if we want, or fishing if we want.  Those fallen soldiers earned these freedoms for us, they didn't come free.

If we teach our children one thing, let it be to appreciate their right to be free.  Somewhere in the last fifty years, we've grown to think we're "entitled" to a cushy life and the cushy stuff that goes with it.  Au contraire.  This nation wasn't founded on entitlements, nor was it founded by weaklings.  It was founded on personal responsibility and mighty hard work.  And, for America to maintain itself, responsibility and hard work must continue.  We have the freedom to choose our occupations according to our God-given talents, choose our institutions of higher learning, and the Ladder of Accomplishment is always out.  How high we climb is no one else's responsibility but our own.

Memorial weekend kicks off summer's fun, tourist attractions open their doors, schools have ended their final semester.  We are free to have fun.  The fallen soldiers must be looking down with pride and satisfaction when they see little children at amusement parks, licking ice cream cones, visiting with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and catching wrapped candies at parades.  Let's fire up to them our own fireworks display of gratitude.  If they hadn't given their lives, we don't know what life could be like for us right now.  Maybe there wouldn't be such a thing as a summer vacation.

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