Friday, May 25, 2012

John Edwards Trial

The angels showered last evening and graciously watered the earth.  Can you hear the quiet choir of gratitude coming from the blades of grass, flowers, bushes, and trees?

Is anyone, besides me, getting anxious to hear the jury's verdict in the John Edwards trial?  This morning I read that one of the female alternate jurors is flirting with Johnny Boy.  She smiles.  He smiles back.  She giggles.  He blushes.

Here's a question for us.  Is it a blessing or a curse to be extremely handsome or extremely beautiful?  In Johnny's case, I think his woman-killer looks are his downfall.  If he'd be as round as he is tall, if he'd have fewer filled follicles, and a sneering smile, do we really think this alternate juror would be teasing him?  My question is, how did a temptress get picked as alternate juror in a disarming case like this?  Is she capable of making an unbiased decision?

Our appearance is what I call the luck of the draw.  Our youth fantasizes over outer looks, but age sets us straight with that thing called wisdom.  As Benjamin Franklin said, "Don't judge men's wealth or godliness by their Sunday appearance."

Yesterday I saw a little girl who had just started walking on her own.  The poor little thing was wearing tiny cowboy boots, the tops of which were about to her knees.  Obviously a fashion statement on her mother's part.  I cringed with discomfort as I watched the little girl try to lift one leg, put it down, and lift the other, and do the same, to keep walking.  Mommie grinned, totally oblivious to the little girl's struggle.  Hell-O....

Twenty-first century casual dress is one of the best moves society has made.  Suit and tie and fancy dress and high heels just aren't the norm in my part of the world anyway.  After dressing for the office environment for over 40 years, I emptied my closets of all things restricting.  Most times before we leave home, hubby asks me, "Are you going to wear shoes?"

Back to can imagine how his pathetic ego must have puffed when Ms. H went gaga over his handsome face, his trim build, his thick head of hair, his seductive smile, and that magnetic southern drawl that pulls any woman with a pulse toward him.  That ego of his must've needed basting like the Thanksgiving turkey.  But, you know what?  The guy who is round as he is tall might be the pick of the litter, with no disgusting ego to feed.  Heaven help us if we let our eyes make our decisions.

The jury is in their sixth day of deliberations, asking to see and examine every private jet receipt, every handwritten note, and every voice-mail transcript.  They're doing their American duty, and it's not an easy one.  They are the only ones who will be able to decide Johnny's guilt or innocence.  They've heard the testimony.  Will Johnny be a jailbird, or will he fly away?  Due process is in motion, and we'll just have to wait for the jury's decision.

Stay tuned.