Friday, February 03, 2012

We Have Got to Be Smart

Well, well, well.........

Donald has finally taken sides with Mitt.  Help me out here, friends.  Aren't these two guys among the wealthiest people in our nation?  Is it my personal skewed perception, or do both of these gentlemen tend to smirk when they try to smile?  To be perfectly honest, they make me skittish as a filly.

Is it even possible for anyone in their financial bracket to know the plight of the honorable American citizen working a darned good job with a check book balance of under $100?  with rent due.....with empty cupboards.....a light bill to insane health insurance bill to pay on insurance due a certain empty gas tank.....and kids to send to school?

This election year, we Americans have got to remember one thing.........

"A politician thinks of the next election;
a statesman thinks of the next generation."
~James Freeman Clarke