Saturday, February 04, 2012

Has anyone ever asked you which animal you resemble the most?

Last evening I was just like a Mama Bear, snuggled in her den, baby close by.  The outside world didn't interest me.  Darkness had set in, small town winter quiet had arrived, and the white lights on our Valentine Tree twinkled ever so sweetly.  Within our walls existed peace on earth.

Then came the question.  "Would you like to go out for supper tonight?"

Most women would give anything to hear those words from her husband.  Me?  Well, there are times that I'd just as soon stay at home.  Mainly because I get so comfy here, that I can't stand the thought of changing clothes, putting on eye makeup, and jazzing up my hair.

So, what did I do?  I trollied to the kitchen to see if there was a box of spaghetti in the lazy susan.  After half a spin, there was the box I was looking for, and right next to it was a jar of spaghetti sauce.  I offered hubby a counter-proposal, "How 'bout we stay home and I make us spaghetti?"

My offer was instantly accepted.  Hubby scurried downstairs to the freezer and brought up a package of Italian sausage.  How perfect was that.

As the water and spaghetti boiled, I fixed us an appetizer of cream cheese and cocktail sauce (didn't have shrimp) and brought out the corn chips.  Hubby mixed us each our favorite cocktail, and there you have what truly is our ideal Friday night.

Not only that, but we saved 50 bucks.