Friday, July 22, 2011

Making New Things Out of Old Things

An early morning thunderstorm brought our area 2-1/4" of rain.  The thunder gods and lightning gods and rain gods were blessing us.  A serenity follows a storm.  The earth says, "Ahhhhhhhhh, this feels sooooo gooood!" 

We are heading back to the dentist this morning.  My tongue feels a piece of tooth that has worked its way to the surface, and he'll have to remove it.  Not fun, but I'm a big girl.

Yesterday my hubby had a medical appointment that we tended to.  When that was over, we treated ourselves to an over-the-top meal at one of our favorite restaurants.  One has to balance life's negatives with positives, you know. 

On the way home, we stopped to look at a used Class C RV that we spotted on our way to the doctor.  It was a 1996, owned by a widow, 60-some thousand miles, in really nice shape.  Only one problem.  The 'check engine' light stays on.  The lady said it's really not a problem.  Hmmmmm.  We couldn't be that sure, so we opted to get back in our car and continue on our way.  We still enjoy the thought of camping in federal and state parks, but it's the work of putting up and taking down the camper that is the bugger.  With a Class C van-type, we could drive in a spot, and be ready just like that.

All of our married lives we've stopped and looked at stuff that's for sale.  It's sort of been a sideline hobby of ours.  By looking at stuff, we learn about it.  Yesterday was the first time I'd been in a Class C van, and I was really impressed. 

As we were driving home and chatting about this type of RV, we decided that we could rig up our Escape to serve quite well as a 'sleeping device.'  After all, the two of us, back in the 1980s, camped for 3 weeks to visit Nova Scotia and Eastern Canadian a used pickup topper.  We had more fun sleeping on a make-shift bed that my hubby fashioned.  There's no reason now why we couldn't put the back seats down in the Escape and fashion ourselves a bed just as nicely.  In my periferal vision I'm seeing a late-fall venture up to the Canadian border.  Yippee Skippee.  We wait till late fall so the helicopter-sized mosquitoes won't eat us alive.

We are experts at coming up with ways to use what we have instead of buying new.  Just like a couple of years ago when my hubby wanted to build a smokehouse so he could smoke the homemade baloney he makes.  Without me knowing it, he went in the garage, scrounged around for boards that were just taking up space, and within one day he built the sweetest, very workable smokehouse.  He could very easily have gone out and bought a new one for $500. 

So it goes at our house.  The creative wheels are always spinning.  If anything hangs around our property long enough, it just might end up being made into something else.  That's kinda fun, and we get oodles and oodles of satisfaction out of doing this.  I look at everything with the same thought......gosh, how could I make something with that!

Have a pleasant day, everyone, and let's not forget to give thanks for the thirst-quenching rains that come to our beautiful earth at the perfect times!