Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yikes, that's a pretty big question to tackle in such a short amount of time. Hmmmm.  What the hay, I'm gonna kick this around a bit and see where the ball falls.

When a person takes the time to think about the continuous string of emotions we live through, isn't it amazing that we're able to keep going as well as we do?  Emotions don't necessarily come one minute and leave the next.   Rarely they do that.  Some linger for weeks, months, and even years.  If those that linger are negative, well, that eats away our silo of strength and then we have to work even harder to refill our silo. 

There are scads of human emotions.  After a quick review of my years, I know what it feels like to be......

Positive feelings:  Humorous, compassionate, eager, capable, comfortable, creative, determined, enthused, hopeful, joyful, relieved, excited, courageous, inspired, surprised, fascinated, grateful, happy, interested, loved, relaxed, satisfied, peaceful and thrilled.

Negative feelings:  Annoyed, angry, anxious, burdened, confused, disgusted, misunderstood, frustrated, lonely, scared, tired, cautious, exhausted, impatient, irritated, overwhelmed, betrayed, shocked, sad, uncomfortable, depressed, doubtful, embarrassed, envious, suspicious, concerned, disappointed, intimidated, manipulated, stressed, and used.

Every human being is a jar of emotions.  Every emotion we experience is individual to ourselves.  When emotions clash, it's no wonder that there's unrest, hard feelings, and even despair.  But, like everything else that Mother Nature gives to us, there are two jars to draw from....the helpful and the harmful.  It's not so easy as simply putting our hand in the jar, grabbing an emotion, and putting it on our face.  No, it takes work and determination to straighten out our emotional see-saw.

One of my favorite bible verses
As our years pile higher and higher, we eventually tire and become weary.  We slow down, take things slower.  It's a gradual way of letting go of life itself.  It's my belief that we are wired in a way that lets us fly high in our youth and then lets us cruise calmly on quieter waters when we're older.  That way we get to experience all that life has to offer.

After experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly, my conclusion is that one ticket to see this circus is great plenty.