Sunday, June 05, 2011

Our Bichon Frise

Our Little Ball of Fire
When the fuzzy one gets in one of her playful moods, we stand back and let her roll.  This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, right after she got her nose in my crochet basket and decided a ball of thread could be a cool toy. 

The fuzzy one has one heck of a sense of humor.  She likes to tease us, she plays catch me if you can, and she just absolutely loves finding and eating paper.  She used to sidle up to her Gramma G and sneakily remove the Kleenex from her sweater pocket.  Oh, Gramma G knew what was going on, and we knew that Gramma made sure there would be a Kleenex for the fuzzy one to find. 

I wanted to share this, cuz it's another example of what goes on behind closed doors.  Bichon Frise means "curly lapdog," and that fits her to a T.....except for those times when something clicks and she starts one of her silly performances that are absolutely hysterical to watch.