Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mother Nature Has The Answers

If you would drive by our home, chances are you wouldn't see the buzz that's going on here.  You would have to spend some time here watching a wren work its heart out putting long twigs through the small hole in the wren house so it can build its nest.  It's Nature at its best, and I take the time out of my day to watch it.  I learn from the wrens never to give up, even when the twig falls.  Wrens aren't emotionally wired like we humans, in that they don't get frustrated and give up.  It's truly amazing to watch a wren drop a long twig when it won't fit in the hole, then watch it fly away and return with a shorter one that does fit.  There's no doubt in my mind that these tiny creatures have decision-making abilities.

My irises are blossoming.  I watched how in the morning they were closed buds with only a tiny bit of color showing, and by afternoon they were all decked out in their flowing velvet gowns.  To think they got all dressed up and had no place to go. Their only desire is to dazzle the neighborhood with their short-lived grace and splendor.  I can feel them connecting with my soul, being ever so grateful for the quiet little space in which they live. 

Wild Geranium
The wild geranium is growing right beside the iris but has no intention of taking second place to the iris.  Flowers should be proof positive to us that Our Creator wants us to slow down and soak in their beauty.  Why else would they be here?

Scientists are discovering that Nature can provide answers to all their human dilemmas.  When scientists are stumped about something, they are now turning to insects, to plants, and to the miracles that Mother Nature is masterfully performing behind stage.  Things like the woven spider web and the 'sticky' gecko feet are providing answers to researchers.  The Divine Force that created us left behind answers, but, we have to be wise enough to go look for them.  Once again, the lesson being that we're not meant to have everything handed to us on a platter.  Ah, contrare.  The Divine Plan expects each of us to put forth effort in meeting and solving our individual and common challenges.

Another lesson for us is to slow our pace long enough to watch the wrens teach us the value of patience. The iris and the wild geranium both proudly grow side by side, yet neither vies for first place and neither is jealous of the other.  They simply exist and grow to be all they can be.  Every single element of Nature is inspiring, has a purpose, and holds an answer to a question.

My Flower Garden
 How blessed I am to have my home and be encircled by these natural wonders.  But, I consider the real gift to be my thirst and curiosity to appreciate the other kingdoms that share my world.  The eyes and the heart have to work together.  It would be entirely possible to live in my home and never see what I see.  If, as a child, I hadn't been shown how to look for the simple and the sweet, I would not know nor would I care to.  If that were the case, I would consider that to be the biggest sorrow of my life.

See the bunny hiding in the flower bed?
He was a garage sale orphan.
He likes living here, too...