Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Digs

Welcome to my new spring digs!

A few minutes before noon here, my husband came upstairs to see if I was still breathing.  Yes, I was still in bed sound asleep.  My fuzzy one was cuddled beside me and must've known that I needed the extra hours of rest after dancing my heart out last night at an old-fashioned barn dance.

We, and our friends, look forward to this annual event and are ever so happy to be included on the invitation list.  This is no ordinary barn.  It's been completely renovated, and the dances are are held in what originally was the hay mow.  This is a far cry from the days we harvested loose hay, before bales even, and our putt-putt John Deere tractor pulled the trip rope with a forkful of hay up and into the hay mow.  We called them "putt-putts"  because that's what they sounded like.  I spent hours and hours sitting on the grass watching our family fill the hay mow, but my daddy wouldn't allow me to operate a tractor or get near any part of farming where I could have been hurt.  I don't know how many times I was told to "stand back and out of the way."

A husband and wife team provide the guitar music for this hootenanny.  If one enjoys dancing, they will definitely entice one out onto the floor.  I was beyond happy to resume dancing after having to sit out the last couple of years because of the pain in my hip.  My hip replacement last August fixed this chick up, and I was able to have fun with the rest of the crowd.  It pays to take care of our deteriorating bodies best we can, even if that requires major surgery.  Being alive is just too darned precious to let it erode away from us because of pain.

Boat Motor Mixer
As I mentioned in a recent blog, our rhubarb is ready to be picked.  Gotta share a low-calorie Rhubarb Fluff recipe that I put together yesterday and served on top of angel food cake.  I took 3 cups of cut-up fresh rhubarb, 1/4 cup of orange juice, and one small box of sugar-free strawberry jello.  Cooked that until the rhubarb was soft.  With what I call my 'boat motor' mixer, I pureed the rhubarb and put it in the fridge to cool.  When it was cooled and sort of set, I stirred in an 8-oz. container of Lite Cool Whip.  One could add sugar, or sugar substitute, if it's too tart for one's taste.  Great way to serve rhubarb and not put on the pounds while doing so!

Think I'm going to take the day off and simply lounge around, watch some t.v., and spend time with my fuzzy little girl.  She's been left behind quite a bit lately, and is starting to express her frustration with us.  Dogs are furry people, but I think a person has to be born with a few canine genes themselves in order to fully appreciate that statement.  Actually, I was born with more than a few.  (giggle)

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  If any of my readers are having a tough time with life right now, well, please know that you will be included in my night prayers.