Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Peppers and Guilt

Here it is 10:30 already, and my brain has turned to mush.  I've been flitting from one website to another, sipping coffee, texting my niece, and getting nowhere.  But, it's fun!

Frost on the roof this early morning.  Last week we had 93-degree days, and this week frost.  What the hay is going on?  It's hard to know what to wear in the morning. 

My closet holds few clothes, so I wear the same things over and over.  It's apparent that I'm not going to win any awards for the best-dressed gal in town, but I'm close to winning the most comfortable!  I went shopping with the girls a week ago for the first time in a long time, and I found some really nice tops.  I'm one who searches out the sale racks, and I'm fairly proud of myself for having found two tops that were regularly $45 and I got em for $2.97 each.  Nobody else must've wanted em, but I think they're kinda neat.

The hubby is outside putting our new patio furniture together.  Our old ones are structurally just fine, but the cushions have soiled from wear.  It would have cost us about the same to buy new cushions as it did to replace them.  One of these days the temperatures will get to where we'll want to be outside all the time, so he's daily making progress in cleaning up winter's residues.  So much work to keep a place up anymore.  Most of our garden is planted, with the exception of the tomato plants that he got from a friend gardener who started them from seed.  Can't wait till we can pick our own green peppers.  I refuse to buy them in the store for what they're charging these days.   

Summer salads are always fun to look forward to and to create.  It's a good thing we like fresh vegetables at our house, cuz we pile a plate high with goodies and call it a meal.  It's the darned dressing that causes the problem, depending on the kind we use.  My faves are french, ranch, and blue cheese, or a combination of those.

There's a fair wind outside right now.  I'm watching the tree branches wiggle and twist through the window.  Wish I had the energy they do.  Guess, tho, when one gets to be my age there doesn't have to be that guilt factor about constantly doing something constructive.  The way I see it, if I should happen to croak today, what difference will it matter if I leave things undone?