Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Blogiversary!

Where it's at!!!
Cannot fathom that twelve months have slipped by since I opened my laptop to type that first apprehensive blog on May 15, 2010.   Anniversaries are 2-day affairs, marks a sweet ending and the other marks a brand new beginning.

How well I remember being a bit nervous about scattering my thoughts and feelings around the web like bird seeds.  A year later, I realize that a window opened in my life that every morning lets in a sustaining breeze of mental energy.  Some days ideas surface that conjure up giggles and other days they conjure up tears as I flip through the pages of my past.

One of the neatest elements of the Blogger Host that I use to publish my blogs is that we, the blogger, can see on a world map what countries access our blog site.  Never in a trillion years could I have imagined that my everyday musings would travel to computer screens in far away places, like The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Sweden, China, Iran, Spain, France, South Africa, Philippines, and even Pakistan. 

This morning I say thank you to my faithful followers and to my new readers.  Bless your hearts and bless your days.  I pray that your heart and my heart stay connected by this amazing World Wide Web that has been masterfully woven for humanity's ease and growth.  Our beautiful Earth has struggled for peace since the beginning, but technology today lets us hold hands and hearts and minds with strangers that we will never meet and never know.

Take my hand and let's keep walking the walk..........