Friday, May 13, 2011

Shopping, Fishing and Eating

Yowza, the Blogger host site has been down for some hours now.  That means that I haven't been able to access my dashboard to write and publish my blog. Makes me wonder if Friday, the 13th had something to do with the frustrating glitch. 

Went grocery shopping this morning.  When one says 'grocery shopping' it really entails so much more than food.  We carried enough plastic sacks in the house to start our own retail outlet.  Both of us dislike carrying in and putting the stuff away, and I know that I skate by with doing the least.  But, sometimes it's smarter to let the other person do it.  Then when we can't find something, the blame target is a whole lot easier to identify!!! 

Also bought my fishing license and trout stamp, so now I'm good to go whenever the boat launches.  My fish pole is all rigged up with a strong test line just in case I hook into a lunker. When I was a little girl we'd pick our own nightcrawlers, and now they're over $3 for 20.  After rains, the crawlers would be sprawled on the sidewalks and were easy game for those of us who fished a lot.  Otherwise, we'd prowl around at night with flashlights looking for them in the grass.  We'd be ever so careful to pull them out of the ground slowly so we wouldn't rip 'em in half.  

The air is much cooler and more comfortable today where I live.  We had a few days of 90-degrees, and that, in my book, was just plain miserable.  Sweatshirt weather is my favorite.....not too warm and not too cold.   

At noon we ate a bowl of chili at a family restaurant.  We both commented on the size of a bowl in a restaurant versus the size of a bowl at home.  We're trying to discipline ourselves in the portion-control department, so this was a good practice.  When we finished our chili, the waitress asked if we'd be interested in a piece of one of their famously divine cream pies. We both smiled at her and politely lied, "Oh, no, thank you."  

Sometimes I have to get my mind off of food and think about something else...............aren't the bleeding hearts pretty this time of year!