Thursday, February 10, 2011

Write Your Name in Runic

One thing I find interesting about our retirement routine is how we have settled into a day-to-day pattern.  Once I get myself downstairs and tend to personal care, then my next direct stop is the coffee pot.  From the coffee pot I head to my laptop.  Then I strap on my surfboard and head out into the web to see who has written me an email, check CNN for last-minute news updates, and from there I zip over to my blog dashboard to write my blog. 

Early Futhark
24 characters
Sometimes I laugh at the places the magic mouse takes me.  Just like this morning, I ended up reading about the ancient Rune alphabet.  If anyone would like to check out a fun website and to see how your name would be written in this ancient alphabet, go to
At the top of the page is a space to type your name, press GO, and your name will be translated into runes.

Better get my crochet hook and yarn out for my next task.  One more comfort cross to crochet, and then we can deliver ten of them to the rest home this afternoon.  It takes me about two hours to complete a cross, and already the clock has me after the noon hour.  We need to pick up some staples at the grocery store, too.  I see we're out of orange juice, but thank heavens we had real oranges here this morning to supplement our Vitamin C.  We take daily multi-vitamins, but an extra C-boost never hurts.....especially when mixed with a couple shots of champagne.  Aren't there supposed to be healing agents in the bubbly stuff?  I think I heard that somewhere.......

Ta-ta for today.