Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Water Wheel of Time

My heart dances knowing that this past week my blog has had visitors from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, China, India, Russia, and Slovenia.

Where I live in the Midwestern U.S., temperatures are frigid.  We tend to keep the temperature in our home on the coolish side.  It just seems smart to add a layer of clothing, rather than sink more money in the l.p. gas tank.  Plus, we feel better physically, mentally, and sleep better in cool air.

Two days ago my hubby went ice fishing with one of the neighbor guys.  Ice fishing is alot different than it used to be.  He explained how they used a camera and could watch the fish beneath the ice swimming toward their bait.  He had so much fun, and they had just enough luck (I refuse to call it skill) so each household could have a nice big meal.  The guys filleted the fish, removing the bones, and that way they fry up into crispy pieces.  We eat them like potato chips with our fingers. 

Tonight we're meeting another couple for supper in a small town about ten miles from home.  There's a bar in one room and dining area in the other.  An all-you-can-eat broasted chicken buffet is their Wednesday night special.  Buffets are probably not the healthiest places to eat, but, they sure are an occasional dining treat for us.  The way I see it, life is too darned short to only munch on lettuce leaves!  If my Creator wanted me to do that, I'd be a rabbit.

This past week, I'm finding myself thinking about springtime, my chatty wrens returning, the crocus and tulips popping out of the ground.  Trees re-budding, kids bringing out their trikes and bikes.  I feel that occasional twinge of patio fever, an urge to stroll beside a trout stream, pick a tiny bouquet of violets, and watch Mother Nature change her clothes.

The transition is ever so gradual.  One season blending into another.  The Universal Master Plan is jam-packed with amazing invisible intricacies that assure us of a better tomorrow.  The days grow longer, giving us more daylight hours, until we are staying outdoors much longer than during winter.  I can't wait to take my fuzzy one for a walk around town and not have to worry about slipping on the ice and falling. 

A Michael Russell Painting
Life is like the old water wheel, turning slowly, until one day we see ourselves having transitioned into someone totally new and different.  We morph like the caterpillar into the butterfly.  When we arrive at this late-life stage, we are free to spread our wings and fly anywhere we choose.  We can hover in one place, buzz off to somewhere else, or sit on a flower and watch the world go by.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day.  Life is a construction site, always building and tearing down.  Moving forward and leaving behind.  When the time comes for us to go to the next realm, we can be so pleased and proud that we were able to leave behind our unique footprints, knowing they will remain as long as the Earth itself exists.

And, that's another compelling reason to go barefoot while we're here, I'd say!

Ta-ta to my cyber friends all over the world.........