Friday, February 11, 2011

Mother Nature's Amen

Yesterday a gal was telling me that when she plants flowers in one place in her house yard, the flowers will blossom white.  She said she planted a purple iris in this place, and, sure enough, it blossomed white.  She has tried this with several different kinds of flowers.  Same result.  The flowers retain their original fragrance, but blossom white. 

What would be the reason for that?  If anyone has a clue, please leave a comment. 

Pink Peony
I miss the flowers during our months of winter weather.  Can't wait for June when our two peony bushes in the back yard explode into big pink puffy blossoms.  The peony fragrance is so strong-flavored that it works its way onto our screened patio.  Aroma therapy, that's what it is.  When the peony petals start falling to the ground, I collect them in a small crystal bowl to dry on our living room coffee table.  

Red Rose Bush
White Clover Blossoms
How I remember Gramma H's old-fashioned red rose bush that grew on the south side of her house.  The fragrance was so dizzying, that I remember as a little girl laying my nose onto the blossoms and inhaling one deep breath after another.   I remember, too, how Gramma sat with me on her lawn and braided white clover blossoms into small flower tiaras.  She'd carefully lay the crown of flowers on my head of long brown hair and tell me I was her little princess.

Looks like I've taken a nostalgic turn here.  That's what is so fun about blogging.  One idea starts a blog, and pretty soon my mind is all over the place.  Most of the time I have to discipline myself to stay on track.  It's kinda funny, actually, that I've grown to be such a home-body, yet my curious mind never stops wondering and wandering.

We're up earlier than usual this morning, and right now night is switching places with day, so I want to watch this spectacular handing over of the torch.  May today hold something special for each of us.

Oh, before I close, I wish my "cohort in crime" a beautiful milestone birthday.  Across the miles and mountains, may you hear me singing "Happy Birthday!"  These flowers are for you.....XO