Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Teux Deux List

My inner voice is constantly pestering me with things I "should" be doing.

I think I'm a fairly good troubleshooter when it comes to solving my own problems.  That's why today I am openly declaring my "2011 Teux Deux Project."  As of now I promise myself that I will try my best "teux deux" one extra task every day for one year.  My goal is to keep an ongoing record of my efforts between now and January 17, 2012.  Just think how much I could improve my life if I actually do this. 

Just between you, me and the tree, I am content to simply lounge around the house.  My whole life was dedicated to taking care of others, working full-time in a stressful workplace, and trying to keep my head above water following tragic events.  And, now that we finally put our feet across the finish line into retirement, it feels positively luxurious to be able to sit down and indulge myself in one of my hobbies, read a book, or cuddle up in a fleecy blanket and take an afternoon nap.  The weight of the world has literally been lifted off my shoulders. 

After I finish today's blog, I'm going to choose one of the many spiral notebooks I have around here and label it "2011 Teux Deux Project."  My next step will be to zero in on today's extra task, buckle down and do it, and write my first entry.  As my list grows, hopefully that annoying voice inside my head will go away and leave me alone.