Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

2010 is winding down, and 2011 is just a new calendar away.

This coming year I'm going to zero in on three resolutions that have potential for rewarding me with fun and self-satisfaction.....

  1.  Make new recipes so as to add variety to our plates and palates.    For Christmas I received a cookbook put out by a high school cheer-leading team, and that will be the perfect stepping stone in January.  Maybe I could use a different cookbook every month.  Not a bad idea. 
2.  List one item a week on e-bay.  Why not convert clutter into cash.
3.  Devote 15 minutes each day to physical exercise.  Don't they say that it's the moving hinge that keeps working?  Anymore than 15 minutes won't cut it for me.  That much I know about myself.  My goal is 15 minutes every day, rather than 30 minutes three times a week.

Old Man Winter is sounding off where I live.  Rain and ice and sleet are in the forecast starting tomorrow.  Already family plans have been postponed for a week so as to avoid any of us being out on the roads and in possible danger.  We who love winter, have to be mighty flexible and tolerant, because Mother Nature pretty much calls the shots this time of year.  We go according to her schedule, not ours. 

We went for an afternoon drive yesterday, and the frosty trees were absolutely beautiful.  One of our stops was at Farm Fleet to buy more bird seed.  No doubt about it.....our feeder is a popular diner for lots of little feathery ones all day long. We also saw a herd of deer feeding in a farmer's field and a snow bunny huddled beneath a farm fence.  I'm pretty sure we'll take another one of our nature drives later today.  My hubby also asked me to give him a haircut and to fix a vegetable chowder for supper.  That's the least I can do in return for all he does around here for us girls.  

Gotta go refill my coffee cup.  Ta-ta.