Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hefner-Harris Engagement

This was a very special Christmas for Hugh Hefner and his dolly, Crystal.  Do you suppose there's a possibility that Hugh's wallet is whispering sweet somethings into Crystal's pretty little ears? 

One cannot help but wonder what the two of them will talk about at the breakfast table.  Especially on those mornings when his 84-year-old body moans and groans with aching muscles and painfully creaking joints.  The normal 84-year-old has ears that don't hear very well, eyes that don't see very well, hearts that don't beat very well, and the list of other possible glitches and malfunctions is close to endless.  Will Crystal really be able to relate?  

When Crystal is 44 and Hugh is 104, what will be their typical Saturday night be like?  She'll be anxiously wanting him to wine and dine her, while poor old Hugh will simply want to sit by the fire in his pajamas wrapped in his favorite blanket, dozing and drooling.  But, the great guy he is, more than likely he'll adoringly toss her his credit card and insist she go out and have fun with her playboys.  It will all work out.

Mr. and Mrs.
Realizing full well that this is absolutely none of my business, isn't Crystal young enough to be Hugh's great-great-grandchild?