Sunday, December 05, 2010

Little Fockers

We're marking the 22nd of December on our calendar, cuz that's the day "Little Fockers" is coming to theaters.  In fact, this will be our Christmas highlight.  We'll find a theater somewhere, take the day to go for lunch, and perhaps take in a matinee.  If this is anything like "Meet the Family" and "Meet the Fockers," well, it will be hysterical. 

From Hollywood Humor
Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, and Barbra Streisand make this sequence of movies an absolute laugh fest.  Maybe we enjoy comedy so much because it mimics how life really is.  How families spit and sputter among themselves, and in-laws fight with the out-laws.  And, now it sounds like there are going to be children thrown into the boiling pot, as well.....the little Fockers.

So many movies portray life to be glamorous, and by the time a person walks out of the theater, we feel like smashing into a tree.  I can remember when I was a teenager, going to see Elvis movies when they were dancing on the beach, he was singing love songs to his sweetie, and the girls were all drop-dead gorgeous.  When the movie was over, we walked outside into reality, I felt like up-chucking.  Maybe the movie industry has something to do with the unrest and unhappiness we solitary soldiers suffer after spending two hours in their make-believe worlds that someone has simply created.

No matter what we do, sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes it doesn't.  And, there are times we don't even need a reason to be down-hearted.  We simply are.  I know there are days that I get down and depressed, and some days I cannot pull myself up no matter how hard I try.  But, the next morning it's as though a force has lifted me up to safer ground, and the world seems just fine.  The psychological see-saw.  There is one thing that does seem to help, and please feel free to laugh at me for saying this.  But, if I eat chocolate, I feel better.  Maybe it's all in my head, but it works. 

-A lonely little evergreen-
A pretty day outdoors where we live.  Driveways and roads are cleared.  We went for a drive yesterday afternoon, admiring the countryside after the snowfall.  We spotted seven deer out in the fields. 

This morning our activity slate is still clean.  The Sunday Paper and coffee are the first order of the day, along with my blogging.  Our town is very quiet.  This is the perfect morning for little kids and big kids to stay in bed, wrap up in cuddly blankets, and fall back asleep for another hour or two for some sweet, refreshing slumber.