Monday, December 06, 2010

Get Out the Griddle!

Merciful me.  I've got a bad case of brain freeze this morning.  Not even three big mugs of strong coffee have thawed my mental block.

Plate of Lefse
My hubby wants me to go online and find a Lefse recipe that uses potato flakes so we can try our hand at making a simplified version of the coveted Norwegian delicacy.  Stay tuned for a play-by-play recap from Ole and Lena's kitchen!

Today's chuckle:  Old Ole was in bed dying.  Downstairs he could hear Lena rattling pots and pans.  Pretty soon he could smell the sweet smell of potato lefse wafting up from downstairs.  And Ole thought, 'Oh, my darling Lena, she's making me potato lefse for my last meal before I pass on.'

Ole could hardly wait as the smell kept getting stronger and stronger.  But Lena, she never came upstairs, even though Ole thought the lefse should be ready by now.  So, with the last of his strength, old Ole rolled outta bed.  He crawled across the bedroom floor.  He crawled down the stairs, real careful.  He crawled across the parlor floor.  He could see Lena's skirt swishin' by the stove.

Old Ole was nearly delirious by now, so he made his way across the kitchen floor and started clawing his way up the stove.  But Lena slapped his hand with a wooden spoon and said:

'Ole! Stop it. That's for the funeral.'