Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Around the World!

Now that we're giving up our land phone line and I'll need to carry a cell phone with me at all times, I had to come up with a way to keep it on my person.  For someone who doesn't usually have pockets or doesn't always carry a purse, this presented me with a good old-fashioned dilemma. 

A while back I purchased two skeins of Yarn Bee fabric yarn.  It was unusually neat, and it intrigued me enough to be tossed in my Hobby Lobby shopping cart.  I like having a stash of supplies for times like this when I need to design my own pattern on a whim.

With a size H crochet hook and the fabric yarn, I delved into my memory of stitches and patterns, and within an hour a necklace phone pouch evolved and the problem was solved.  I just love making things myself and having an original creation. 

Tonight we are going out for dinner at a local restaurant.  We're meeting another couple there at 5 o'clock.  The four of us have spent New Year's Eves together for quite a few years, and this one night we girls order our champagne by the bottle and merrily clink our glasses and  savor the sips of sweet sustenance until we get silly.  We won't stay out late, but will return home fairly early to snuggle down and watch the ball drop in the Big Apple at 11 o'clock CST.

Best get crackin' here.  A list of tasks awaits me.  Went to bed late last night--got up late this morning.  My personal approach to a lackadaisical retirement!

This will be my last blog of 2010.  Will meet you back here in 2011.  Until then......

"Stir the eggnog,
Lift the toddy,
Happy New Year
                        -Phyllis McGinley