Saturday, January 01, 2011

First Blog of 2011

A fresh new year called for a fresh new blog start.  So, hope you like my nature-influenced background.  Me and rocks......well, we rock!

The old temperature gauge took a dive overnight, with a current reading of 2 degrees above zero.  What else can one expect right smack dab in the middle of a Midwest winter. 

We stayed up to bring in the new year.  Just as the years traded places, a blast of fireworks went off in our small town.  We could see the flash of light through our east living room window.  Pretty neat. 

Today we're off to a house party.  The hostess calls it a 1-01-11 party starting at 1:01 in the afternoon.  Hubby fixed a crock pot of his delectable chili to add to the food buffet.  Instead of the usual kidney beans, maybe he should have used black eyed peas.  In many cultures they are considered to bring good luck and symbolize prosperity.  Greens are often eaten with them, as the peas represent coins and the greens represent paper money.

Cabbage is another food eaten on New Year's Day, as it also represents paper money.  Many cultures believe that any food in the shape of a ring will bring good luck, as the closing of the ring means 'coming full circle' and represents a fresh start.  In Japan, people often eat long noodles, as they represent a long life.

Oops, gotta go watch the New Year's Day parade on the telly!  Have yourself a great day.....