Saturday, October 09, 2010

Don't Scare Me!

What's all this hoopla about a UFO flying over China?  And them having to shut down an airport because of it?  Are those things for real, or are we once again being duped by the media and camera clowns?  How's a person to know. 

It's quite possible for me to really scare myself if I dwell on the subject of alien life and alien visitors.  Some people claim to have been abducted and held hostage by them.  I remember going to the movie "ET" and couldn't stand the sight of that little guy.  I'd have preferred him to be cute and fuzzy. 

Perhaps we earthlings are too arrogant in thinking that we're the only ones clinging to a planet.  Maybe there will come a day when planet people will be able to visit one another, much like we visit Europe and the Eastern countries.  At the rate technology is traveling at present, nothing would surprise me.  I only hope that none of that happens while my heart is beating.  I'd rather only rub shoulders with creatures like myself. 

Crop Circle
There are a whole lot of things that have scientists scratching their heads, like the crop circles in England.  Are they for real, or are they hoaxes?  Or, are these outsiders saying hello to us.  What I do know, is that the crop circle designs are quite impressive, and if aliens are able to leave them behind in one swoop.....well, maybe they're smarter than we are. 

Some of my friends believe, have seen, and continue to see ghosts in their homes.  Their stories I don't challenge, but I myself do not ever want to see one.  That would for sure put me over the edge, and I know that fright would get the best of me and my funeral services would be held shortly thereafter.  The part of seeing ghosts that I don't understand is that they're wearing clothes.  Aren't clothes material things?  Why would ghosts need to wear clothes?  Where do they get their clothes, or do they wear the ones they died in?

The best thing for me to do is avoid these kinds of thoughts and ponderings and go about my simple business.  There's enough to drive me nuts in this world without adding something as silly as extra-terrestrials to the list.  For those that believe and have apparitions, that's wonderful and fine.  Just, please don't disturb my delicate senses.

How many of us kids from the 1950s were warned about the Boogy-Man.  Migod, maybe that's where my fears all started.  I know that I have always been afraid to go down in the basement because of the Boogy Man who lives down there.  Still am.  It's okay during the daytime, but I won't walk down to the basement  after dark without someone being with me.  Now, how silly is that!