Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yesterday's blog......a day late!

This morning our town is having a parade.  There are close to 200 entries, as I understand, that will go past our home.  Ordinarily parades don't get me too excited, but this one has.  Maybe my age has something to do with that, I'm not sure.  I guess I was always too busy to bother with parades when I was younger.  Over the years, I was on floats myself representing groups I belonged to, and it was fun being on stage waving at the audience and tossing candy out to the kids.

There's a breakfast bake in the oven, and I'll be baking cinnamon rolls in awhile.  My niece is running in the morning run, and we've invited her over for breakfast after she finishes the run.  I admire young women in their 40s who are in such good shape that they are able to enter fun runs like this.  I, too, remember how I got up every morning at 5 o'clock and jogged 3 miles.  Jogging was invigorating and helped wear down my office-induced stress.  But, now, I prefer watching the younger ones participate and am content to sit back and be the onlooker.

The citizens couldn't have ordered a more perfect day for this celebration.  The sun is shining, and a refreshing cool air has descended upon the town.  Maybe the fouding fathers, of which my family was one, are looking down in amazement at how pretty the town has grown and how devoted its residents are to their hard work.  There's been a ton of hard work put into this weekend, and one has to shout loud kudos to all who have shared their energies to make it happen.