Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Political Pucky

If there's one thing I dislike more than cottage cheese, it's politics.  First, I admit to not really understanding politics, except that just hearing the word itself nervouses me. 

Our world is undergoing a revolution that every day changes what we baby boomers knew the world to be.  Not one decision made by our government seems to make sense, nor do any decisions on a local level make sense either.  We Americans are barraged  with election bull-pucky to the point we don't even want to turn on the television.  I cannot understand why political candidates have to open fire on one another like they do.  What is this teaching our children?  And, if we get one more phone call from a political candidate during suppertime, well, let me just say that the rubber band may snap!

Haven't got a clue what brought this on for today's blog topic, but now that I'm into it, I just have to finish.  There is one person who has snaked her way into our political system.  I won't mention her name, except that her initials are S.P. and she hails from the State of A.  The sound of her voice, the sight of her face, and her incompetence... all three are overwhelming to me.  What she did to her party is devastating.....enough to have had me change my political party.  

Every morning the newspaper floods us with more political hype.  One party bashing and fighting the other.  And, it's all about the buck.  Money rules.  Rich people are getting richer, and the middle class is shrinking.  The America we were is going away.  We will not be the Greatest Nation if we keep on relinquishing ourselves to the other countries.  If we'd take our lobbyists and put them in a big boat, give the boat a shove out toward the Bermuda Triangle.......(you get my drift).

Money and greed.  Goodness me.  Big business just can't get big enough.  Billions have replaced millions.  The answer is so incredibly simple.  If everyone could be satisfied with less, there'd be great plenty for all.

Along with retirement comes a great sense of relief to be finished in the working arena.  The workplace has changed, and it's not for the better.  The average person is having their benefits taken away, their salaries cut, and no one can be sure of job security.  Pink slips are a constant fear.  Raises are some years non-existent.  Work more, get less.  Families have to decide which things will take the back burner.  For many, the American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare.

We all have our own political preferences, given the fact that we decide them on a teaspoon of fact and a big vat of personal non-factual opinion fueled by the gossip mongers.  But, I am here to openly give my support to President Obama who is trying his darnedest to do what we need him to do, but is being bucked by the strong winds of the opposing party.  Is that good government for the people, of the people, and by the people...........or is it government for the rich, of the rich, and by the rich.............

Maybe it's because I grew up in a poor family, but I must confess to my resentment of the rich and those who flaunt a wealth, whether real or pretended.  Growing up, my family didn't have much, yet we lacked for none of the things that mattered.  My parents' philosophy is deeply ingrained in me and will go to my grave with me.  They believed in hard work to earn the dollar.  No room for complaint.  Be damned glad you have a job, do it well, and shut the hell up.  No one would have dreamt of buying me a toy to buy my behavior.  That would never have happened.  There were consequences, yet we knew that when all was said and done, our family would gather around the supper table, mom would have a delicious meal ready for us, and daddy would wrap up the day by saying grace.

Am not sure where I'm going with this, except that I hope with all my heart that we Americans don't allow the media to stain our common sense.  The pundits, as they're called, are doing us more harm than good.  All they seek is for television ratings, and they do that by saying awful things about good people.  So often we form our opinions by what we listen to them spouting off about.  Bottom line, I'm proud to be an American, we enjoy unparalleled rights and blessings, yet some days I can't help but have that queasy feeling that we may be veering off course and taking a route that our forefathers would have frowned upon.  Enuf of that.

Today's Trivia:  Dragonflies are ancient insects.  They have existed on Planet Earth for approximately 300 million years.  Today, they look very much like they did in dinosaur times, though they have gradually gotten smaller since then.