Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grabbing Giggles!

Is anyone out there, besides me, feeling like a fossil when it comes to television programming?  The t.v. we Boomers grew up with would put the kids of today to sleep, but we sure got our laughs and jollies from the sit-coms and westerns, despite how corny they may seem now.  Old-fashioned laughter and silly.  There isn't anything like it in the world. 

Have you noticed how sullen most faces look these days?  We comment often about people not responding to smiles and friendly waves of the hand.  Can't quite wrap my head around today's societal scowls.  Kinda ticks me off, really it does.

One has to be so careful today in what we say and how we say it.  Who the blazes ever dreamt up "politically correct?"  To that I say, get some tough skin, people, and get a life!  A nation of wussies, that's what we're creating.  I am absolutely certain that my daddy's joke genes are scooting around inside me, cuz I like to chuckle at an off-color joke with the best of 'em.  After all, life is life is life, and if we can't laugh at how silly life really is, well, then it's kinda sad.  This world of ours has enough to worry about with the lousy economies, shrinking food supplies, melting glaciers, and the introduction of weird bugs that are predicted to eventually eat us alive.  I'm here to warn people that if there's a reason to laugh or giggle or joke, we'd best do so while we still can.

I'm the first to admit that it takes effort to stay positive and optimistic, but I'll be darned if I'm going to bend over to pessimism and frownery.  Isn't there a hint of hypocrisy when people are pessimistic, yet claim to be followers of a higher power?  Oops, we won't tread on those waters today.

Yesterday my hubby went canoe fishing with a friend and brought home a gorgeous walleye, and the fillets are in the fridge waiting to be served with potato salad and baked beans.  Yummy.  Even though fried foods are supposedly harmful to our internal tributaries, I want my fishies pan-fried, crispy and crunchy.  Baked fish are good, but fried are better.  And, if eating fried fish kills me a couple days sooner, well, guess I'll gladly take the early flight out.

We're getting our meds refilled today....The monthly grovel at the pharmacy to get our rationed legal drugs to keep us going.  Anybody out there besides us getting a little rambunctious about med refills?  The insurance company has us on timers, and if we call in a day early for a refill.....well, we will be denied.  Woe is me.  Woe are we.  We feel like marionettes on strings.

Can't complain, though.  We have excellent health care coverage.....coming at a terribly high premium.  Never thought I'd say that I'm happy to be reaching age 65.  Common sense tells us that when we reach our mid-60's, we'll be needing more medical attention, and high deductibles are not necessarily welcome items either.  Once a person incorporates the monthly premium into the budget, well, then we can rest knowing that should something happen we won't have to sell our souls to pay for good care.
Before I close, I must say to my loyal blog readers, that I'm going to buy a bag of M & M's so I  can count the colors.  Yesterday's blog findings are driving me crazy.  Please feel free to submit your personal findings on the number of blues and browns, the two colors vying for first place.

Today's Trivia:  Every 2,000 frowns creates a wrinkle.