Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue or Brown?

More blue or more brown?
M.J. submitted the first answer to today's trivia questions.  M &M stands for Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the product's founders.  Forrest then bought out his business partner and created the company known today as Mars, Inc.

NOW....... about the most popular color used in M & Ms........well, the jury still might be out on this one, as there seem to be conflicting answers.  Mars, Inc., claims there are 24% blue, which would take the lead over the other colors.  Then there are those who say there are more of the brown-colored sphereoids in a bag.  Lucky for us, our volunteer investigator has offered to buy some M & Ms and do an actual count.  The question is:  are the percentages of the colors skewed when the conveyors fill the individual bags?  Stay tuned for a follow-up on this perplexing problem that I seem to have unintentionally discovered. 

For her loyal participation in the trivia mania, M.J. wins a coveted all-expense paid round trip ticket to Pakistan!