Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bucket List

Today I'm thinking about making my "bucket list".......a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.  Actually, I've had a mental bucket list for a lot of years.  There were certain things that I intended to do on this earth, and I'm tickled to say that I've crossed off most of the biggies. 

Life is so doggone short, and if there are things we want to see or do, well, then it's up to us to get out there and see 'em and do 'em.  There ain't no assigned sherpas to carry our bags up the big hills, that's for sure.  It roils me to no end when I hear people complain about not being able to do this or pucky.  It's all a matter of plain old guts and gumption.

One silly thing I've always thought would be fun to do is to crash a family picnic.  Whenever we drive through a park and see a large gathering of people around tables of food, the devil in me silently schemes walking up to the group, claiming to be a long-lost cousin, grabbing a plate and helping myself to the potluck.  Honestly, if I was terminally ill and had a short time to live, that is one thing I'd do.  If they'd call the cops, would I really care?  What jail would want a dying dame on their hands?

Another thing I want to do is move to Northern Minnesota for an entire winter.  Yup, a bitterly cold winter.  Rent a house snuggled among tall pines, lakeside.  I would pack a box of  fat books, my crochet hooks and skeins of yarn, my jewelry-making supplies, and, of course, my laptop, warm sweaters.....oh, and the other two precious beings who share life with me.  I wouldn't dream of striking out on an adventure like that all by my lonely.   

Bucket lists are for everyone.  None of us, young or old, knows when that bucket will get kicked out from under us.  Could be today or tomorrow.  The human psyche simply needs to look forward to stuff that inspires and prevents our blood from clotting.  Isn't it funny how down-and-out we can feel when we have to do something we dread?  But, give us something we love to do, and, boy oh boy, our passions rev, and wowza, we start chomping at the bit.  There lives within us a thing called Excitement, and it's as real as our bones.  For me, making out the list will be exciting!!!! 

Okay, now what do I want to do yet.....................

Today's Trivia Questions:  What is the most common color used in M & M candies?  What does "M & M" stand for?