Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roadside Splendor

Our roadsides are lined with lotsa wildflowers right now, and a day trip can feel like a visit to a botanical garden.  The Wild Chickory and Queene Anne's Lace are blooming.  Daisies of all varieties, white and yellow, add to the blues and yellows and complete the natural display. 

The last few years I've gotten into photographing wildflowers.  There's something about the flower that incites a sense of awe and makes me wonder, "how'd He do that?"  So many different colors and kinds shapes and sizes.  Our Creator really didn't have to give us flowers, but I think his intention was so we'd keep our heads on track and follow the amazing clues he left for us. 

Digital cameras are the coolest thing.  The old Brownie was the first camera I remember.  Then the Kodak came along.  We had to buy films that took only 12 or 24 pictures, the film had to be mailed in to be developed, and half the time the pictures were either off center, the people had red eyes, somebody's head was cut off, or something or other was wrong.  Yet, the price was the same.  Somewhere amid the stacks of pictures around here are probably 500 snaps of dolphins jumping out of the water at Sea World.  When we were first married and drove to Florida for vacation, I must've looked like a flash of fireworks as I kept flicking pictures of these big gray fish arching out of the water.  Kids now days grow up traveling and seeing other parts of the world, so it's no big deal for them to see a whale or a dolphin.  But, you have to remember, this little girl had only seen bluegill, catfish, carp, and trout before Sea World!

Went for a drive yesterday to a town about 75 miles from where I live, and the corn is tasseling and the oats is turned to gold.  When did this happen?  Crops are on the whole very healthy, and we pray no hail or wind will alter that.  Baffles my mind how the crops that grow right around us end up feeding the whole world.

Our village is quiet and content this Saturday morning.  Hopefully the working couples and their babies are able to sleep later than usual and maybe have homemade pancakes for breakfast.  Here I am in my sixties, and I still salivate at the thought of a platter of mom's homemade pancakes with maple syrup oozing and goozing down from a stack of em.  I seriously don't think I'm ever gonna grow up.