Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Contentment

Sunday mornings I can't wait to get out of bed and get at the Sunday Paper.  The Sunday edition has greater volume, most of which I don't read, but it's that big difficult crossword puzzle that I wait to locate among the many pages.  Maybe I've blogged about this before, but I love doing crosswords now that I have a website that can assist me if I absolutely cannot figure something out. has a crossword solver that's really quite good.  I think it's got like over 2 million clues, and they keep them updated.  We're a split family on puzzles.  My hubby does the Sudukos and I do the crosswords and the jumble.  It's a great match.

Boy, another gloomy day hangs over us.  Dark and dreary.  We have two trees growing close to our house that are going to get the axe this summer yet.  One is right beside the kitchen window and the other is in the front of the house.  Both have outgrown their good days and need to be put to eternal rest.  We're not quite sure what we'll replace them with, but we'll find something equally as complementary to our home style as these trees have been.  I'd like a bush perhaps that changes to a brilliant color in the fall.  Will need to shop around on that one. I'm not up to speed on the world of landscaping.  Sounds like a mighty fine excuse for some day trips, if you ask me.

Maintenance is an ongoing concern for homeowners.  Always something or other needs repairing or updating to maintain the value of the property.  Now days people mow great portions of their yards, simply because they can with the tractor mowers.  When I grew up, we had one of those motor-less push mowers that cut like a dull knife, but it was all we had.  Back then we mowed only what was necessary and no one really cared what the yards looked like.  Some country farmsteads mow around the barns and other buildings, and their farm yards are neat as pins.  We saw one guy yesterday mowing a roadside ditch, and his tractor was at such a slant it looked like he was going to tip over.  That would scare me.  I'm not so sure if roadside appearance would be that important to me if there was a chance of someone getting hurt.  Tractors these days are humungous and better balanced or weighted to do such stuff, I'd suppose. 

My hubby bought a new-to-us weed eater a couple weeks ago.  His intent was to bring home a new one, but the dealer had this trade-in with few hours of use on it and in really nice condition, at a lesser price.  Hey, a deal is always a good thing so far as we're concerned. 

I'd best scoot and get to my crossword.  Our little family 3-some here is content as bugs.  The fuzzy one is sound asleep on her beddy-by, the hubby is engrossed in the daily news, and I'm blogging.  I'd say it's a perfect long as the creek don't rise!