Friday, July 09, 2010

Telly Torture

Did you happen to watch the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday?  Her stage set was made out of Godiva Chocolate.  It was way cool.  After the hour was up, she and the audience were going to dismantle and start eating.  Was that clever or what!

Oprah is probably my #1 favorite talk show host.  She's genuine, and I don't see her as being pretentious even though she has every reason to be.  Maybe what I like best is how she relates to the audience who suffer from excess weight.  I personally like that about Oprah.  She's what she is and goes on being in front of the world despite her struggle with the scale.  She says it's all about liking oneself, and if we are able to do that, then others will follow suit.   

Daytime television is not something I've gotten into since retirement.  But, I was crocheting comfort crosses and the late afternoon programming gave me something to listen to.  After Oprah, then I put on the Food Channel and watched Paula Dean.  She, too, is a gal with an infectious personality.  She made a blueberry tort that had me ready to lick my tongue on the t.v. screen. 

On the whole, the telly doesn't get a whole lot of applause from this household, simply because we're down to a few channels out of about 120.  Don't know why, but I think it's probably because we don't relate to some of the programming.  It's generational gapping.  Public Television is great, Antiques Roadshow, Home and Garden, Food Channel, History, Discovery, Learning Channel, and, of course, the channels that show guys fishing and reeling in lunker walleyes and northerns, petting the flopping fish, wishing them well and throwing them back in the lakes.  Go figure.  Nascar and golfing are usually on during the weekends.  Racing is the one sport that puts my quills on alert.  It's the sound of the race cars more than anything.  Varoom, varoom, varoom for hours on end.  Makes me nuts!

We laugh at each other cuz both of us wait for the other to doze off.  It's gotten to be quite a competitive sport in itself "just-try-to-get-the-remote-out-of-my-clenched-fist!"  I swear my husband has built-in radar.  He senses my hand when it's real close and his eyes open up like he wasn't asleep in the first place.  Maybe after years of living together we find ways to annoy each other.  Tease and taunt, that's what it is.

The remote control is a funny little object, isn't it?  Just let it be lost and the whole household comes off its hinges.  Pillows fly, the recliners and couches start getting shoved around, and sheer panic sets in.  Cuz, wouldn't it be dreadful if we actually had to get out of our chairs and push a button?  How well I remember those days.  The first television at home was a console Zenith bought by my sibling, and so I didn't stand a frickin' chance of ever changing channels.  My time to have the t.v. to myself was right after school when the family was out doing chores.  I'd watch the Pinky Lee Show.  I can still hear him sing and dance, "Yoo Hoo, it's me, my name is Pinky Lee."     

Can anyone tell me why we have to watch Poker on the Travel Channel?  If anyone can shed light on this quandry for me, I'd be ever so appreciative.