Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Perspective Is Key

Don't know what's the matter with me today.  My brain isn't kicking into gear, and I'm not in the mood to do anything very exciting.  When this happens, I go into my "turtle mode."  That is, I retreat inside my shell and stay there.  Some would call it a state of depression, but I call it a state of expression.  If I don't feel like doing anything, hey, I'm not gonna.  Sort of like when we were kids, and we'd say, "You can't make me!"

Everyone needs to shut down once in awhile.  I have days where I don't feel like showering, so I don't.  There are days I simply putz with only the things I like to do, and I don't think that's being selfish.  It's more that old philosophy of "Be True to Thineself."  This business of dancing to someone else's drummer, simply makes no sense to me.  Especially in retirement.  This is our one and only chance to be ourselves, and we don't have to prove ourselves to anyone anymore.  We've been there, done that.  Amen.

To be honest, today it feels like my drive has driven away.  But, I'm very content.  Is that another of the life passages that I'm always talking about?  Surely contentment cannot be viewed as a bad thing.  We have to put our brakes on if we really want to see the genuine world we miss when we're accelerating through our days.  Take for instance yesterday.  We took another one of our lazy afternoon drives and meandered our way along the roadways marveling for miles at the Queen Anne's Lace that has highly populated the roadsides.  Of course, perspective has everything to do with one's idea of Queen Anne's Lace.  Is it a weed or a flower? 

Of course, I consider it a beautiful flower.  The underside of the lacy plant is the reason it's also known as "Bird's Nest."  It's absolutely worth one's while to take the time to closely examine the structure of this marvelous plant.  It's commonly known as Wild Carrot, too.  (Not to be confused with the yellowish Wild Parsnip that is becoming a real nasty roadside nuisance.)

Our Creator instilled so many little gifts in us that remain hidden until we reach our 60s.  Anyway, that's what I'm finding out.  I see myself using the "pause button" more often.  I stop and take a second look.   I feel my eyes working harder to capture and hold onto special moments so I can replay them again when I close my eyes at night.

Every day I thank My Creator for giving me my life.  Despite all the trials and tribulations, the losses and the tears, I've emerged vertically and am experiencing a contented acceptance that I couldn't have imagined even existed.  There has got to be a Divine Design that makes a gazillion things happen simultaneously for any one of our moments to occur.  The intricate system of Life on Earth is mind-boggling, and I don't know why I struggle to figure it out when I know it's humanly impossible. 

Come to think of it, this is truly the ideal day to kick back, put my feet up, and count my blessings.  And, let me add that if you are reading my blog---please know that you will be counted among them!