Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Smile Is Always In Style

The other day we ate our lunch at a local pizza restaurant.  One that offers a noon buffet, including broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a plentiful salad bar, besides their pizzas.  My hubby, in his usual manner, held the door open for me, and the first thing I saw was a young man behind the counter welcoming us with the most beautiful smile.  His smile was pleasantly genuine, and his eyes danced along with the happy rhythm of that smile.  When he took our money and gave us our glasses, he asked if we'd care to order a special kind of pizza.  He said they'd make anything we'd like. 

This little old girl was reeling from his smile (wondering what I'd do with him if I was 18), and I blurted out, "would you please make me a taco pizza?"  Omigod, he was a dream boat and I was willing to sail away with him!  He fit perfectly in the proverbial "tall, dark and handsome" category.  We were seated with our salads when the owner brought two plates and the taco pizza to our table, asked how many pieces we'd like, served us, and then put the pizza on the buffet line.

You know, it's service like that one can't help but praise.  But, more than the service, what impressed me the most was the young man's smile.  I would be incredibly honored to have that young man for my son.  I surely hope his real mother realizes what a gold nugget she has in her life.  During the course of our meal, he checked on us a couple of times to see if we were doing okay and to remove empty plates. 

As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, he thanked us for coming.  I just couldn't leave without saying something to him about his beautiful smile.  You know, my simple compliment made him so happy, that his eyes instantly got watery and he kindly thanked me.  I strongly feel that our young people need to know of our positive observations and approval.  It's tough being a kid these days, and when we see them doing a good job at whatever it is they're doing, it's a good thing to pass on a heartfelt comment.  A person just never knows how critical that bit of respect may be to them. 

Wouldn't it be just the neatest if, when he's an old man, he'd tell his grandchildren the story about the time he worked in a pizza joint and a lady told him he had a beautiful smile and how that one compliment changed his life?