Monday, July 19, 2010

Autumn and Our Bean Pole

Here we go once again......starting a new week!  It seems to me that the week starts on Monday, but the calendar says the week starts on Sunday.  Hmmmm....   

We spent a quiet weekend.  Went for a drive with no special destination late yesterday afternoon, simply admiring the corn that is standing so stately with tassels pointing to the sky.  The oats harvest has gotten under way, and the fields are dotted with the big round bales of amber straw.

A couple days ago we bought a dozen ears of sweetcorn from a roadside vendor, and I questioned why she charged us only $3.  A person almost drools anticipating the season's first meal of sweetcorn, so it was with high hopes we sat down to the table with our bibs on.  All hopes were shattered with that first bite.  It was like, omigod, the most godawful stuff.  The ears were small and the corn was tough and tasteless. When it comes to buying sweetcorn, beware of the low prices. 

The summer is buzzing by, and soon we'll be into August and once again stopping behind school buses with red lights flashing as they pick up the kiddies.  We haven't vacationed yet this summer but are thinking about maybe going somewhere for a few days in September or October when the mosquitoes are gone and the air is crisper.  It's difficult finding pet-friendly resorts, and I can't say that I blame the resort owners.  So it is that we will continue to look online for a place that will accommodate our whole family.

We've been savoring our home-grown cherry tomatoes that are growing in a planter on the patio.  Ooooh, they're so good and juicy.  I'm sharing a picture of our bean pole right beside our patio.  We planted a few sunflowers, too, beside our little smokehouse back of the house.  Don't think our zuchinni are going to be too productive this year.  I like to freeze zuchinni to add to soups and hot dishes in the wintertime, so we'll pick some up at the roadside markets, along with butternut and acorn squash.

Don't you just love the feel of autumn and the harvest time? I guess if I'd have to choose a favorite season of the four, I'd pick autumn.  My hubby and I got married the end of September, and my bridesmaids dresses were hand-sewn by a local seamstress out of brown velvet trimmed with gold velvet.  Very simple, but I thought very elegant and appropriate for that time of year.  My parents were married in November of 1936, and Mom's bridesmaids wore velvet, too.  So, it was no accident that mine resembled hers.

I guess people change the way the seasons change.  Childhood is our Spring, ages 20-50 our Summer, ages 50-75 our Autumn, and 75+ our Winter.  Does that seem about right?  All I know is that  I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make the most out of every blasted minute of my Autumn and hope to high heaven my Winter will be long--but not too long.  I just don't want to have to give Dr. Kevorkian a jingle!