Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Green Valleys of Silliness

Stormy, stormy night.  Our electricity went out for a couple of hours.  Without the fan and central air, our upstairs quickly converts from bedroom to oven.  Had to be real careful coming down the steps without light.  A good way to break one's neck when half asleep. 

When our luxuries are taken away even for a short while, it's a good reminder of how good we have it.  Migod, the first thing that went through my mind at 4 o'clock in the morning was--no electricity--no coffee!!!!!!!  I thought, okay, we can cook it on the stove like gramma used to do.  But, da-a-h, then I realized we have an electric stove.  The only other ways would be to light our gas grill or start a bonfire on the wet grass out back and get the camping supplies out.  Am pleased to say, tho, that our stint without juice didn't last too long, and by 5:30 we were back on track.  Coast is clear, and coffee is served.

I gotta share a true story.  The electricity had been out in our village overnight and was still out on the Sunday morning of this incident.  I got myself dressed, headed for church, which naturally had no lights, no organ music, and no microphone system.  Father didn't feel a need to cut mass shorter than his usual one hour, but we attendees somehow all managed to keep from snoring or toppling over like pews of dominoes.

After mass, this one little boy was standing by his mother giggling out loud.  I asked him what was so funny.  He looked up at me and said, "Man, I couldn't wait to get here this morning to see what the women would look like with no blow combs and curling irons in town!"  You know, after I got home and thought about that a little more, it kinda bothered me that he was giggling that much when he was looking up at me.  Little snotty-nosed brat.

We keep a candle stash and flashlights scattered around the house for times when the the power goes out.  Battery candles are handy things to have around the house, too, and they're actually pretty cool and look like the real mccoy.  Gotta admit that there have been times that I can find the candles but not a match or lighter.  Doesn't take long for a frenzy to fester.....and a frenzy in darkness is a whole lot worse than a frenzy in light. 

So goes the drama of our days.  Without temporary shut downs and small snags that deprive us of our comforts and without the laughter they cause, life would get mighty stagnant.  It takes silliness to keeps the waters stirred and makes for the best laughter and joke-telling later on.  When we get together with our friends, we assuredly will bring out the memories of something really silly from the past.  Just like the time someone peed in her pants in a motor boat back of our house during high waters!!!!  But, hey, I wouldn't think of mentioning her name because I feel it my responsibility to protect the innocent.  (giggle)

Ta-ta and hope your day is filled with sun beams and sprinkles of silly!