Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adventures....One After Another

Was looking through pictures we had taken with our digital camera and came across this one.  How'd they do that?  Or, could it be that a tree simply decided to sprout beneath the car.  Hmmmm.

We don't just absent-mindedly go for drives.  We are explorers and always on the lookout for unusual things--things that a person sees and says, "Hey, did you see that?"  Poor hubby, he's got to be on constant alert cuz he never knows when he's gonna have to put on the brakes and make a U-turn.  Have to admit there have been times I've gotten some mighty quizzical looks from him.  More than likely he'd say that he puts up with a lot having to deal with me!

This is the time of year we both get obviously itchy and antsy to head to the north woods.  We've been researching pet-friendly resorts, but, man alive, they're costly these days.  Makes a person think twice if it's really worth it.  But, it's so much fun to take Misty Harbor, our little boat, out on a small lake, catch some nice blue gill and crappie and go back to a cabin, pour a vodka-tonic-lime, and wait for the fish to fry!   

When I was a kid, cleaning fish was part of life like going to church.  Our family went fishing alot, and I was the family fish scaler.  Daddy didn't want me touching the bullheads or catfish cuz he didn't want me to get stung by their 'long whiskers.'  Now days, tho, I like my fish filleted with no bones, no skin.  When we were kids, we ate the fins, the tail, the whole shmeer.  But, now, I'm a whole lot fussier.

As those who know us could say, the hubby is a master with the knife, and he can fillet a catch in no time flat.  He sharpens knives for people, and has his own stash of daggers that he intentionally protects me from using.  Never once since we were married has he asked me to clean a fish.  He gallantly tends to that sort of stuff, and I'm pretty sure that I've successfully turned into a wiener, and my parents would consider me wimped.

Yup, I think we're going to once again be lured to where the tall pine trees grow, the loons cry out, and the sunsets can make a grown man cry.  Where else would we want to go for our fall adventure!