Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Hasn't the full moon been spectacular the last couple of nights?  Last evening my hubby and I commented on its brilliance as we watched that yellow-orange ball appear in the eastern sky.  The Earth's natural rhythms, such as the full moon, give me the warm fuzzies.  It's good to know that our Universe is still in perfect tune.

We're in for more hot-hot-hot weather next few days.  Following very heavy rainfalls, some places up to 12 inches, there are areas of our state where dams have let go, dikes have broken through, and towns and resort areas flooded and some places destroyed.  So many disastrous happenings on the news every day and so many people suffering as a result.  With our powerful media, all catastrophes are brought into our homes for endless on-the-scene coverage.  I remember when that tsunami hit Indonesia a few years ago.  I'm still haunted by the thought of that wall of water coming toward the city and people screaming as they tried to escape its enormous force.   

Every day that passes without something harmful happening to a person is a day to hit the knees.  One can't help but feel the sorrows of those suffering souls who are left homeless or lose their families by these godawful tragedies.  Guess all one can do is tuck them in our night prayers and let the higher powers guard and guide.

Today I'm gonna tackle the stack of envelopes that mysteriously appear on the kitchen cupboard in the matter of a week or two.  Where does all this stuff come from?  We get enough junk mail in one year to save an entire forest.  Is anybody else besides me driven bonkers with the magazine advertising inserts?  When we get a magazine, the first thing I do is go through it and rip out those inserts.  You'd be amazed at how skinny the magazine gets with those ads removed.  And, have you noticed the price of magazines in the grocery store?  Holy shmuck!

Talk about paying bills.  Man, quite a few of them are creeping northward.  Insurance rates are going up, taxes, utilities.......one has to keep a careful eye on this, or the wallet will collapse.  Many times I lift my head skyward and thank my parents for teaching me how to manage my money.  When I notice one bill go up, well, we cut back somewhere else to stay even. 

Other than that, we're gonna take it easy today.  Have to wrap a couple of things that I sold on ebay and get them to the post office.  Small tasks will whittle away my hours.  After our noon fiesta, we like to take a little siesta.  Gotta get ourselves primed for happy hour, you know.     

Oh, by the way, I read that today is National Take Your Pants For a Walk Day!