Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bing Bing Bing Baseball

Went grocery shopping yesterday, mainly to pick up groceries for the weekend.  I'm so excited for Sunday, which is already tomorrow, because we're having a traditional 4th gathering at our house.  Took my handy dandy coupons along so I'd be sure to save a few bucks, and actually had a relaxing time picking up the things I needed.

I do have to say, tho, that I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted the bags of bing cherries!  Omigod, they were huge, perfectly ripe, deep burgundy red, and there were no duds in the bag so far as I could tell.  The price didn't impress me one bit, but I thought to heck with the price on this one.  It's a special treat that comes around here only once a year, and I'm gonna have it!  Washed 'em soon as I got home, and they are absolutely to die for. 

The produce shelves this time of year are stacked with nectarines, berries of all kinds, melons, cherries, plums, on and on.  We've not had such good luck with watermelons this year, have to say.  Don't know what that's all about, but some are a light pink inside with no taste.  Just can't eat 'em.  The cantalope, however, have been excellent.  I guess I'm a fruit freak, cuz my daddy loved fruit and it was a staple in our house growing up. 

Also went to a couple of "elite repeat" stores and found myself three pairs of capris pants that fit perfectly and a t-shirt that has never been worn.  Four items for $8.  Ain't bad.  I'm helping our world by recycling, but I'm also living the way I've always lived.  Let somebody else buy the clothes first for big bucks, then I'll buy 'em the second time around for little or nothing.  Their wallet shrinks, and mine doesn't!

We're up fairly early this morning.  We are going to trolley over to a nearby town to a moving sale and then go out for breakfast.  It's not like we need to buy anything at a moving sale, but it's what we enjoy doing.  Never know what we might bring home to change the scenery a bit.  I've kinda gotten to where if I bring something home, then I also get rid of something.  That way I can halfway balance the accumulation around here.  Heaven only knows how much a person can stack up in 43 years!!

I must confess, tho, dear blog, that I think I am going off the deep end.  While in the Good Will Store yesterday, I glommed onto three plastic bagsful of baseball cards.  I held them in my hand thinking there just might be a valuable one in there, so my curiosity won out and I brought 'em home with me.  Yup, 63 years old and I'm sorting a baseball card collection and recording them on a spreadsheet so I know what I have.  Now, is that nuts or what?

Have to say, before yesterday I knew zap about baseball card collecting.  But, today I know names like Fleer, Topps, Upper Deck, Pacific, and Score.  Baseball is one sport that I do enjoy cuz my daddy was quite a ball player when I was a little girl.  One of the cutest pictures of the two of us is when I was two years old and he was holding me in his one arm and his other arm was inside his shirt.  He'd broken his collar bone playing baseball.  But, anyway, this silly new project is a kick, and my goal is to see if I can recoup on eBay more than the $15 I paid for approximately 350 baseball cards. 

There's always something around the corner waiting for us if we go out there seeking a bit of excitement and adventure.  I'm always looking for things to fiddle around with, but I'm gonna have to start being a little careful.  At my age, this adventure of mine could easily be misconstrued as "childish."